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“This is far more important than 3-on-3 basketball.  You must respect and be friendly toward others.  No matter what shade skin color, we must learn to get along in our community.”

—Commissioner El Franco Lee, Harris County Precinct One

“I love the competition.  We bond together…. I like to get into the game, I block everything else out. I can’t even hear my mom cheer…we play basketball in school; we’re always together…you’ve got to have passion.  If you don’t love the sport then don’t play…we do whatever we can to keep our grades up to play our sport.”

—Stephanie Gale, 16; Jessica Elkins, 16; and, Desirae Ramirez, 16. The “Pals of Pasadena” all go to Pasadena Memorial High School. 3-on-3 Girls Division V Winners

“I’m an athlete.  I like all sports.  I like working as a team in basketball.”

—Le’Osha O’Neil, 16, Willowridge High School

3-on-3 Basketball “We want to keep the kids active and show them a different environment."

—Nathan Jones, coach, Ft. Bend Boys and Girls Club

"I loved hanging out with my peers. It made the summers go by fast."

—Thomas, 17, a Street Olympian since age 6

3-on-3 Basketball “We want to give you an opportunity to have fun, hone your skills and develop teamwork and leadership qualities on- and off-court”

—Brian Rego, Summer Games program director

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